How to Pick a Great Web Host for Your Website

If you plan to own a website or blog, you’re going to need hosting. But with all the choices out there it can be a headache just trying to find a hosting company that will facilitate your needs let alone if you know which things to ask for.
To help you find the best hosting plan and services for your new website or blog, consider these six factors.

1. Costs

Costs can vary from just a few dollars a month to hundreds but don’t let cheap hosting be the only option you choose just to save money. Cheap hosting can be worthwhile around the $10 range each month but going much lower can pose many problems with tech support, up-time and other server related issues.

Likewise, if you plan to host a very large website you may want to consider using a higher end server such as dedicated. When traffic increases or your website expands, you’ll be happy you didn’t stick with a cheap hosting company.

2. Scalability

If and when your website becomes popular you don’t want to be stuck with a single hosting company that can’t handle the traffic you’ll be receiving. When choosing a web host, always look to see how easy it is to transition to a higher paid hosting plan; this will help you avoid nasty downtimes and keep your website up and running.

3. Reliability

The best web hosting in the world will be nothing if it keeps going down. When a web host crashes, so does your website. Make sure when you’re choosing a web host that the company offers a high percentage up-time to guarantee that your website will be online more than its offline.

4. Customer and Tech Support

When something goes wrong with your website sometimes it can be due to the web hosting. If it is your web host that’s having trouble, you’ll want to be able to contact them to get your website back up and running. Find a web hosting company that can offer you round the clock support for any hiccups that may occur.

5. Server technology

Before you decide on a hosting company, go a little geeky and research the backend server software offered on the host. If you’re running certain software you’ll need to have various versions of server side programming languages such as PHP. Don’t be caught in a payment when you can’t use your host to the fullest extent; find a great hosting company that continually updates their backend.

6. Avoid free hosting

Free hosting has its merits; mainly that’s free but there are far too many troubles with free hosting such as downtime, lack of customer support and bandwidth throttling which makes it important that you avoid these hosting companies. Likewise, free hosting companies often place ads on your website to recuperate the costs for hosting – you don’t want to host an ecommerce website which could lose sales due to advertising.

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